A cozy place where you can keep your feet up and relax is a must in every home and we call it a living room. Whether it’s a girls’ night or a family night watching movies and eating pizza, the place must feel like home, full of comfort, warmth, and welcoming. A few tweaks here and there, and some changes in lighting and color can make your living room cozier.

Here are some amazing ideas to make your living room a more inviting place. You can also take the help of custom home builders in San Diego.

Color It Up

Never shy away from experimenting with colors. Dark colors make a place more inviting and cocooning. You can go for rich, velvety teal color or dark gray. A navy-blue textured wall looks perfect. Warm colors like chocolate brown and deep burgundy can also change the feel of a space.

The Right Sofa

A seating area where you can snuggle up, watch TV, and have fun with family is the life of a living room. You must create as much seating space in your living room as possible. Choose a sectional, plush sofa as per your space and fill it up with throw cushions and blankets.

Patterned Upholstery

If you do not want to change the color scheme of your place, then go for patterned upholstery. Choose colorful, patterned cushion covers. Choose bright colors like yellow, orange, sky blue, pretty pink, candy pink, etc., to add some warmth.

Combine Modern with Historic

If you have old, vintage furniture, do not throw it away, but use it wisely to add class to your living room. A vintage, dark wood coffee table deserves the center space in your living room. If you have an age-old ottoman from your grandfather, make space for it in the living room, and see how it adds warmth to your place.

Add Some Texture

Textured walls and textured fabrics, both are in demand presently. A felt wall or a velvety cushioned wall is changing the living rooms these days. If you don’t want a major renovation, add texture to your fabrics.

In winter especially, texture plays a crucial role in changing the feel of your living space. Throw a sheepskin rug or choose woolen cushion covers to develop a cozy feel.

Change The Lighting

Lighting can change your entire mood. Experiment with lights. Place an antique lamp on the side table or use colors. Dim lights are perfect for a romantic date night at home with your partner. Ensure that the place is properly illuminated. Install plenty of lamps so you can lighten up the place and tone them down as needed.

Get A Customized Soft Rug

The living room is incomplete without a soft rug. A soft carpet that buries your toes and relaxes your senses is a must-have, so get one for your place. It can be a patterned one or a heavy, soft rug that relaxes you. In winter, a carpet keeps your place properly insulated.

Keep It Minimal

A large sofa, a rug, several cushions, blankets, a fireplace, ottomans, coffee tables, etc., all seem important for the living room, but is your living space large enough to accommodate everything? If yes, then you can experiment as much as you want, but if you lack the space, then tone it down and choose plush large chairs instead of a huge, sectional sofa. The idea here is to keep the layout minimal and cozy, not cluttered.

Create A Reading Corner

Whether you are a reader or not, a reading corner is a must in every living room. A king-sized plush chair, with a fluffy cushion and a blanket, will make your living room very inviting. Add a lamp in this corner and a place for some me-time is ready.

Let Your Windows Play

Drapes can change the look of a living room. Dress up your windows well and invest some time in choosing the right fabric, colors, and type. Heavy drapes, patterned, striped, checkered, etc., will change the feel of your living room.

Add A Fireplace

If your place allows it, add a fireplace. It will add a charm to your living room and your family will be bound to gather up in winter. This way, you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. So, conspire with a fireplace.

Final Words

There are many more ideas to make your living room cozier and inviting. Try out the above-mentioned ideas and see how it changes the look and environment. You can also take the help of custom home builders in San Diego to create a welcoming space.

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This is a guest post on behalf of custom home builders, San Diego. Living room means relaxation and serenity. If your living room is lacking it, then it’s time to change the living room arrangement. Custom home builders, San Diego has the best ideas for a cozy living room arrangement.