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11 Indoor Plants That Help Fight Depression

There’s no exception when it comes to Depression. Everyone (young & old) can be depressed and drop to the bottom- thinking all hope is lost. Many people, however, if fortunate, get medical help before the condition becomes too dangerous.

Moreover, before medical help which can cost tons of money, energy and time, have you thought of going the natural way? Yes, Plants. Luckily, certain plants work miraculously to fight depression and you’ll find them below. First, let’s see some of the benefits of Indoor plants.

INFOGRAPHIC: How indoor plants can help fight depression

Benefits of Having Indoor Plants

Studies have shown that having indoor plants in your space can do wonders to your mental health. The plants have numerous benefits like reducing your anxiety levels, increasing focus & concentration, promoting productivity and improving your moods.

A study carried out showed that workers with plants in their workspace had lower stress levels compared to those that don’t. Another research showed that students with indoor plants in their room assimilate and have better grades than those that don’t.

Other benefits of Indoor plants include:

Indoor plants remove harmful toxins from air and improve the air quality. Thus, reduces the allergens and makes the air around you safe.

A study showed that the people who slept in rooms with indoor plants sleep better and more comfortably than people who don’t have indoor plants.

Having Indoor Plants around can help to boost your immune system and make it stronger. When you breath in healthy air, it makes it easy to fight off diseases. Likewise, the plants make you immune to conditions like colds and flu.

Plants are popular for their healing properties and medicinal use. Plant therapy also called Phytotherapy is slowly gaining fame as a treatment for depression. It increases the serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a response for the change in your moods and emotions.

Likewise it’s a safe treatment and it’s necessary to speak to a consultant before embarking on the therapy.

Having these indoor plants would help to reduce headaches. They provide the calm you need and make your immunity stronger.

Best Indoor Plants You can Use To Fight Depression

1. Aloe Vera

Credit: Pixabay

Research has shown that Aloe Vera can lower your stress levels and works effectively as a mood booster. It’s the perfect indoor plant to cure depression. The plant is easy to care for and you can add it to your home with ease. It’s also used as an alternative in medicines. The gel is used in treating wounds, burns, and used in cosmetics.

2. Lavender

Credit: Pixabay

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties. It smells amazing as an essential oil and indoor plant. It’s also used as dried herb and in a diffuser. Lavender will make your home more beautiful and dive you the peace you need.

3. Spider Plant

Credit: Pixabay

Spider plants, like other indoor plants, add aesthetics to your home. It acts as an air purifier, stress reducer and has relaxing effects. It’s quite easy to care for, so adding it to your space would be great.

4. Peace Lily

Credit: Pixabay

Like its name implies, Peace Lily will bring you peace. You need peace in order to cure depression. Other benefits of the plant include; mood booster and stress reducer.

5. Snake Plant

Credit: Pixabay

Among the indoor plants that can cure Depression is the Snake Plant. It’s an air purifier, and lowers your anxiety level.

6. Chrysanthemum

Credit: Pixabay

Chrysanthemum is brightly colored and commonly used for decorations. Their bright colours, however, boost moods and have a calming effect.

7. Rosemary

Credit: Pixabay

Rosemary is commonly used for cooking. It’s decent, elevates mood and helps you fight off depression.

8. Thyme

Credit: Pixabay

Thyme, like Rosemary, is a spice used for cooking. It can improve your mood and calm your mind.

9. Chamomile

Credit: Pixabay

Chamomile is known to have calming properties. It also helps with insomnia and anxiety.

10. St. John’s Wort

Credit: Pixabay

The plant is popular for treating depression. It’s quite effective and you can have it in your space

11. Ginseng

Credit: Pixabay

Ginseng is often used to eliminate stress and fatigue. It acts as a mood booster and lowers your anxiety. 

How to care for Indoor Plants

In order for indoor plants to serve their purposes, they have to be in their best state. Hence, which means you have to care for them via the following ways.

1. Water them daily.

Plants need moisture to grow. So, you must water the plants till the soil is moist.

2. Give them enough light

Similar to how plants need water, they need light too – to produce their food. Therefore, ensure that the plants get enough natural or artificial lights.

3. Fertilize regularly

Lastly, you must fertilize your plants regularly for utmost yield. You should always look out for pests and diseases and ensure that they don’t damage your plants.

In addition, follow the tips in the photo below.


Things to note when getting an Indoor plant


Surrounding yourself with beneficial plants is one of the numerous methods to cure depression; also one of the safest. Research has shown that Nature has the power to solve depression, reduce anxiety and help you relax. The article highlights about ten different indoor plants you can use to fight off depression.


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